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Tips to Relieving Stress

Tips to Relieving Stress

Stress is one of the worst things that persons body can endure. That does not mean that there is no such thing as the body benefiting from stress, such as working out or running long distances. However, stress that is induced due to anxiety or outside forces is something that can cause great pain to the body. There are many remedies in the world for stress, and some of them are great remedies. Knowing what to take and when to take it can make the difference between putting added unhealthy stress on the body and watching out for signs of high stress. Here are just a few techniques to help the body relieve stress.

Tips to Relieving Stress

  • Breathing exercises- Stress and anxiety are often caused because most of the world does not know how to breathe correctly. Most people take shallow breaths and draw them in through their chest. This doesn’t allow for the new breath to reach the entire body. By practicing drawing long slow equal breaths, in and out through the stomach a person can ensure that they are breathing correctly and providing their body with the adequate carbon monoxide and dioxide levels to keep their body stress low.
  • Exercise- Often stress is stored in the bodies bones and muscles. By getting exercise a person can gradually work that stress out of their body and give themselves a release. By not getting that stress out of the body it keeps adding up and taking a toll on the body.
  • Massage’s- The massage’s ability to relieve stress from the body is like exercise, however, it doesn’t cause anymore added stress on the body because it is not an active ritual. The soothing motion of massage works stress out of the bones and muscles and leaves the body renewed.
  • Relieving stress from the body is the most effective way to ensure a healthy body. Stress causes not only mental and emotional damage, but damage to the body as well.

    Pregnancy 101: Your First Trimester

    Your First Trimester

    Becoming a new parent is an exciting time during your family’s life. If you are a first-time parent, then you’re entering into a very special club: motherhood. Before you start shopping for your nursery, baby food, and adorable clothing, it’s important to know about each stage of your pregnancy week by week. For new moms, some of the most important information you’ll need to know during your first trimester of your pregnancy includes information about prenatal development.

    There are three stages called trimesters in your pregnancy, each stage lasting 14 weeks. For many expecting mothers the first is always the most difficult to get through. Other expecting mothers will say the last trimester is the most difficult. Your first trimester is the most important part for your unborn because it’s the first stage of his or her growth. This is when you begin noticing all the changes in your body. The first trimester is when you’ll get morning sickness, you’ll spend more time in the bathroom, experience mood swings, and you’ll have many food cravings.

    Each symptom is going to vary from woman to woman. There have been some mothers saying they didn’t experience much, if any, symptoms during their pregnancies. Being prepared allows you to quickly treat any sicknesses or symptoms. Don’t let your symptoms bring you down because things will get a little easier during your second trimester.

    By about 10 weeks you will see your doctor to make sure your baby is developing properly. This is the time when he or she will check for a heartbeat, get your weight and do a little blood work. Unless your doctor decides to monitor your pregnancy more closely, you won’t be back in the office for another month later around 14 weeks. Being pregnant is a beautiful thing. No matter how hard your pregnancy might seem, remember that you will get through it. In the end, you’ll be getting a beautiful, healthy baby.

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