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Why Does Obesity Run in Families?

Why Does Obesity

If you struggle with obesity, then chances are that other people in your family face the same concerns. It’s obvious that obesity tends to run in families. What isn’t so obvious, however, is whether this occurs because of genetics or lifestyle choices.

The Genetics Behind Obesity

Some people gain weight more easily others. That’s a fact of life that you can blame on your genetics. This is one of the reasons that obesity runs in families. If you have inherited genes that make your father overweight, then you are going to have the same issue. Just like some families tend to have tall or short people, genetics can influence whether members of your family are large or skinny.

Lifestyle Choices and Obesity

Don’t think that you can blame your weight problems on genetics alone. Many times, obesity runs in families because of learned behaviors. If your parents are sedentary people that rarely get any exercise, then you could easily learn that behavior from them. When you grow up, chances are that you will model that behavior. The same goes for families that eat high-fat, high-calorie foods. If you grew up watching mom eat a giant piece of cake with a glass of whole milk every night, then that’s what seems normal to you. There isn’t much that you can do about genetics, but you can make lifestyle changes. Before you start making significant changes in your lifestyle habits, though, you should note that these changes aren’t easy. You will have to reprogram your idea of normalcy to reap the rewards of good health. That takes a lot of time and effort.

Can Organic Food Be Recalled?

Organic Food

People are under the impression that organic food is safer than foods grown with chemical alterations. The organic mentality doesn’t seem to remember that organic food is more likely to carry pathogens because it isn’t treated with chemicals. It all comes from farms, but organic food gets its title because the farmer can certify that it was grown under certain conditions that render it so. By 2002, this popular new method had a full set of rules and regulations to determine if a food could truly be called “organic.

If it’s Bad, Recall It!

Organic food is grown in a way that is better for the land it’s grown on, but it still undergoes all the same processing other foods do. It gets picked, handled, washed, and shipped to places all over the world, but if it isn’t grown under the specific guidelines federally mandated, it cannot be called organic.

Can organic food be recalled? It certainly can. Records are kept of what food is transported from what farm to which destination, and if any of it is found to be spreading pathogens that make us sick, it can be traced back to the farm it came from. Class action lawyers in Los Angeles can provide the legalities of organic foods.

With all the technology and the strides being made in science today, it makes sense that organic foods are scrutinized. They’re supposed to be raw, nutritious, and healthful, and with advertising laws, foods should be carefully screened as to what can be called organic.

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