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Healthy Lifestyles: 30 Physical Activities to Try

Go for a bike ride

Everyone needs physical activity in their lives. Studies show that people who get regular physical activity– even just 30 minutes of physical activity a week — are healthier and happier than those that don’t. So what are you waiting for? Start exercising! These activities will get you the physical activity your body needs. Do you hate the gym? Don’t sweat it.

There are other activities you can be doing that burn calories and get you moving.

  1. Go for a bike ride.
  2. Go kayaking.
  3. Go hiking.
  4. Walk your dog.
  5. Garden outside.
  6. Play tennis with a friend.
  7. Go for a run or jog.
  8. Collect shells on the beach.
  9. Go geocaching (it’s like a modern form of treasure hunting).
  10. Take a picnic outside (preferably at a location that requires some walking or hiking to get there).
  11. Take your camera for a walk or hike and photograph what you find.
  12. Take a fitness class like cycling or aerobics.
  13. Do yoga.
  14. Take a belly dancing class.
  15. Go dancing (or learn to dance).
  16. Play a sport outside with the family (baseball, soccer, football, volleyball, etc.).
  17. Play an outside game with the family (croquet, bocce, etc.).
  18. Enter a race.
  19. Do a charity walk.
  20. Park at the farthest possible parking spot and walk to the store entrance– it helps!
  21. Play in the snow.
  22. Dance in the rain.
  23. Go collect your own firewood at nearby parks (only the fallen tree limbs– don’t do any cutting!).
  24. Chop your own firewood.
  25. Tour a local property, establishment, historical site, etc.
  26. Do a walking tour of a nearby city or town.
  27. Never explore by car when you can explore by foot.
  28. Practice cartwheels in a meadow.
  29. Go flower-picking.
  30. Walk to nearby locations instead of driving.

What is a Healthy Lifestyle?

Go on a hike

No doubt you’ve heard from your doctor (or other leading health sources) that you need to maintain a “healthy lifestyle.” The phrase has been thrown around so much that you probably don’t even know exactly what that means. Is it becoming a health nut and swearing off red meat or ice cream? Does it mean running marathons every other week or getting a six-pack? A “healthy lifestyle” doesn’t mean you need to go off the healthy deep end (though if you choose to, good for you). It means that you need to practice moderation. Binging on anything isn’t healthy– even too much exercise isn’t healthy.

Michigan State University recently did a study and broke down four components to a healthy lifestyle. Of the more than 150,000 people they studied, only 3 percent followed all four. That doesn’t mean it’s difficult. You just have to understand them and make the commitment to do so.

Here are the four components they found.

  1. Eat right. Do you know one of the easiest ways to do this? Stop eating out. No more fast food. Go home and cook yourself a meal. Don’t settle for prepackaged anything. When you’re controlling the ingredients, you know exactly what’s going into your food.
  2. Exercise. Gyms are excellent, especially in cold winter months, but why not get outside? Take a walk. Go on a hike. Go kayaking. Go for a bike ride. You’ll feel less boxed in and time will fly faster.
  3. Control your weight. Don’t fluctuate. Find your healthy weight, get close to it, and stay with it.
  4. Stop smoking. There’s no moderation involved on this one: stop smoking. Period.

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